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Every uPVC product now ordered with Quality Seal Windows will now come FREE with its own professional cleaning kit.


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All uPVC products now ordered with Quality Seal Windows will come FREE with its own cleaning kit. Depending on your product ordered the kit will include what is needed to keep your newly purchased product looking new and lasting for far longer than it would normally last in its appearance.

We all want our products to last longer be it new clothes or even food. So why not take advantage of our free offer to keep your uPVC products looking fantastically new for years to come. As your products are all different your needs in the cleaning products will differ. That's why each Kit will be tailored to suit your chosen products and needs. And what's more these products can be used on your existing uPVC products if you have them.

There is ALWAYS FREE advice given to each and every customer we serve, to help them maintain their new products we supply and even help the existing ones you may have. Please get in touch with us and if you have any questions regarding any of the products we supply, the free cleaning kit or even any advise you may want we are always more than happy to help. Check out the free handy tip to help your windows and doors last years and years longer. Thanks for reading and we hope we can help or even have already helped.

Our Free Handy Tip

Any uPVC window and door relies on its hinges and mechanisms to work freely and efficiently for you to use them. As these parts are metal and cause friction when they move they need to be lubricated and unfortunately as the company who installed them originally probably don't care how long your windows or doors lasts because the customer is not told how to maintain them. Fortunately we do care and will tell our customers and you that a bit of oil (the thicker the better) is all you need. It only takes approximately 10 seconds per window or door to do. This could be the difference of your door breaking in need of repair or replace to your door lasting another 20 sum years.

Oil every metal part you can see when your window or door is open. When in the open state where the handle sits look 90 degrees around the side of the profile and you will see the mechanism which should run from the top to the bottom of that side, make sure this mechanism is oiled well as this will be the main cause for any window or door to get damaged. If oiling is not helping and the product is not improving to what you think is right then seek professional advise.


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