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Quality Seal Main Services

  • Windows - Full range of windows, services & framing optionsRead more
  • We have a full range of windows from small fixed windows to large bay windows and every window inbetween. The frame style options are endless with also the wide variety of colours to suit your home. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the perfect windows to make your house the home it can be.

    Below are a selection of windows we do:

    • Sliding sash windows
    • Arched head windows
    • Tilt and turn windows
    • Circle Windows
    • Bay windows
    • Dorma windows
    • Bow conversions
    • Shaped windows

    A huge variety of glass designs available to suit your chosen window product with choices in backing glass, leaded, bevels, lead, bevel and colours.

  • Doors - Extensive Range of doors interior & exterior Read more
  • We also have doors to suit your every requirements for small garage doors for security to large French door combination frames that are the centre piece of any home. A short list of doors we do are listed below:

    • Standard PVC door
    • Door combination
    • Arched door
    • French doors (Double doors)
    • Patio doors (sliding doors)
    • Large door combinations consisting of multiple items mentioned above
    • Composit doors

    As with the windows the doors can have the same variety of options to choose from for glass designs, bevels, lead colours and backing glass can be made to your preferences. Also the frames can be tailored to the specific colours you want to choose.

  • Conversions - Windows to Doors, Bow Conversions, plus moreRead more
  • We can offer any help required in the designing the item you wish to convert may it be a window into a door or a door into a window. Conversions are a great way to make your home practical from opening up one side of home or making unwanted entrances a more desirable space.

    A short list of conversions are

    • Window into door
    • Window into French doors
    • Window into patio doors
    • Removal of window and bricks underneath to leave open
    • Window into door with side windows
    • Door into a window
    • Moving a door or window

    As when a new opening is made there will be a new frame to fit that space unless the opening is what is desired. So from all wide range of windows, door and glass designs we have to offer you won't be short of the perfect quality seal product to use in your home.

  • Porches & Door CanopiesRead more
  • Porches are considered mini extensions of your home and door canopies are a great feature to add to a home. So here at Quality Seal we aim to provide you with the best particle feature enhancement to your home design and tailor made to your specifications and the options available for your designs are endless.
    Example types of porches we offer are:

    • Floor to ceiling frame porch
    • Dwarf wall porch
    • Bay extension porch
    • Porch with tiled roof
    • Porch with polycarbonate roof
    • Porch with rubber roof
    • Porch with glass roof

    Porches can also be made to replace your existing old porch or new bases can be tailor made to suit your new porch and home. You will also get the wide variety of style options, colour variations and glass designs we have in all our windows and doors to choose from.

    Door canopies are a great feature to any home. We have a wide variety of door canopies to choose from please ask to see one of our brochures. We also have a cheaper style option for those looking for just a small canopy roof say above a back door, again please just ask for more details.

  • Roofline Services - Fascias, Soffits & GutteringRead more
  • The roof-line services we offer are replacing guttering, soffits, fascias and even cladding to houses, extensions, garages, car ports etc. As we know every house is different and every customer whom we provide these services to have a different views upon what kind of product they want on their home. We work in depth to not only discuss their needs may it be there keen on keeping down their carbon footprint and only want to use the new recycled fascias and soffits to the fact that we take measurements and work out what materials only you will need in turn giving everyone a quotation that is fair and not a ball park figure.

    Examples of roof-line services

    • Fascias and soffits full replacement
    • Fascias and soffits covered
    • Gutters and drain pipes round
    • Gutters and drain pipes square
    • Cladding
    • Stud work and cladding
    • Plastic replacement felt edge (lips under tiles into new gutter)
    • Rubber roofing systems (for replacement on flat roofs comes complete with new fascias and gutters)

    Fascias, soffits and cladding are available in all the same colours as any window and door frame and even special requirements can be made. Gutters and drain pipes usually are in the colours of black, white, brown. Rubber roofs are ideal for replacement of old felt, asbestos or any other flat roof product as they have a longer life expectancy which is over 50 years and are not dangerous to peoples health like asbestos. Rubber roofs are ideal for house extensions, garages with flat or double sloped roof, sheds, porches, bay roofs etc.

  • ConservatoriesRead more
  • The conservatories we have to offer are second to none when it comes to quality and workmanship we have a wide variety to choose from depending on the size and shape you want or can accommodate. There are also various styles to suit each personal preference and affordability with everything from the design to the base work right through to the electrics and even plastering.

    Examples of the type of conservatories we offer are:

    • Floor to ceiling conservatories
    • Dwarf wall conservatories
    • Edwardian conservatories
    • Victorian conservatories
    • Lean to roof conservatories
    • Shaped roof conservatories
    • Conservatory extensions

    Conservatories can be tailor made to suit each individual house or home with colour match's to brickwork and colour matches to windows and doors even glass type and frame design. Roof panels come in variations of colour and heat reflectiveness and does the glass whether it be for the roof or frames.

  • Conservatory RoofsRead more
  • Change the style, colour and performance of your existing conservatory with a new roof. These days there is a lot more on offer and what is needed to make your conservatory cooler in the summer and warm as it should be in the winter and even make it look like an orangery or extension with the tiled roof option.

  • Bi-Folding DoorsRead more
  • Bring the outside in with a bi-folding door. Create a desirable escape outside that will also add a modern and stylish opening into your home, perfect for those special occasions when space is of the essence.

  • Replacement Double Glazed GlassRead more
  • If your uPVC window is in good working order but the glass has misted up and failed, we can replace it with no mither or disruption and at a fraction of the price of a whole new window. We can match any glass, style, leaded glass or even coloured film glass.

  • Window & Door RestorationRead more
  • The window and door restoration is not just open to windows and doors it pretty much covers anything in your home that consists of upvc including porches conservatories and fascias etc. As well as a restoration service think of it as a repair and restoration service as we fix faulty or broken locks, handles, hinges, mechanisms, etc. We replace broken or failed, misty glass units. We seal or re trim and reseal any drafty windows or doors. And of course give them a good old clean.

    Examples of restoration work we do:

    • Change failed misty double glazed glass units
    • Re trim and reseal upvc frames in and out
    • Clean upvc frames to their best standard
    • Fix leaking frames
    • Rehang window and door sashes to correct position
    • Change or fix window and door handles hinges and mechanisms
    • Fix gutter leaks and clean out leaves

    Restoration or repair is not always the answer as it is a cheaper alternative to getting longer life out of the frame sometimes it is just not worth time and money and as we are always willing to try the best option for your needs and desires we will also recommend what are the best options for existing products.

Windows and Doors available in any colour

Below are a selection of colours that we can provide for your windows and doors, other colours can also be arranged upon request, please just ask and I'm sure we can help.

  • White
  • Rosewood
  • Mahagony
  • Golden Oak
  • Black
  • Cream


We pride ourselves in the security of our windows using super strong and efficient locking systems, tuffend glass where needed, glass units that are beaded in form the inside, 70mm profile for stronger more effective secure steel reinforcement inside the profile.

Also our doors have added security offering multipoint locking systems from top to bottom reinforced hinge ply reinforced panels and if that is not enough we can offer youone of our wide range of composit doors. Your home is your castle!


Quality Seal is a leading Norhtwest business for Windows and Doors, however this isn't all. With a team of fully qualified professionals this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our services.

We also provide services in other areas of home improvement such as Conservatories, Roofing, Conversions to name just a few.

Our aim is to deliver what you the client wants and to deliver it with a smile and a professional service. We are a not a company that finishes the job and you don't see us again we care about our clients and wish to build lasting relationships with us. For a quote or here more about what we offer then please don't hesitate to conatct us.

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