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Energy efficient Aluminium windows from Quality Seal in Greater Manchester

Aluminium windows are best known for it’s stylish and sleek appearance. With slim sightlines, Aluminium windows bring in maximum natural light into your home whilst being strong and durable. Our energy efficient windows come in many colour options and styles to suit your home.



Quality Seal’s Aluminium windows should be seen as a long term investment, in the meantime adding value to your home.

Why choose our energy efficient Aluminium windows?

Our range of Aluminium windows

Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium Casement windows are commonly fitted on older properties where they suit the traditional features whilst providing good ventilation.


Our window experts are always on hand to offer their professional advice and go through the colour options and style before installations.

Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows

Quality Seal’s Aluminium Tilt & Turn windows are lightweight Aluminium profiles. Furthermore, their ability to hold large expanses of glass gives them the reputation for being robust, flooding your home or office with natural light.


The energy efficient Aluminium Tilt & Turn windows offer a restricted tilt facility for safety, provide excellent ventilation and they are extremely easy to maintain. For these reasons, they are extremely popular on both homes and office blocks throughout Greater Manchester.

Energy efficient Aluminium Bay Windows

Our beautiful Aluminium Bay windows will transform and add character to your property.


Quality Seal offer an incredible selection of stunning Bay window designs made to suit any property type whilst upholding the ability to be energy efficient and secure.

Aluminium frame colour options

Aluminium windows glass options and benefits

Double Glazing

  • Comes as standard
  • Good insulation
  • A-rated energy efficient
  • Secure
  • Boosts property value

Triple Glazing

  • Superb insulation
  • A++ rated
  • Secure
  • Noise reduction
  • Lowers energy bills

Laminated Glazing

  • Extremely secure
  • Provides UV protection
  • Engineered to resist force
  • Sound reduction
  • Low emissions

Acoustic glazing

  • Engineered to block sound
  • Good insulation
  • A-rated energy efficient
  • Secure
  • Boosts property value

Tinted glazing

  • Designed for UV protection
  • Heat protection
  • Easy to maintain
  • Energy efficient
  • Increased privacy