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Our range of conservatories

Glass roof conservatories

Glass is energy efficient, helps retain heat and will keep you warm during winter. This can help save you money on your energy bills by ensuring you have little need for energy-hungry heating appliances like electric heaters. 


Another major benefit of using glass for your conservatory roof is that it is less prone to scratches and is weather resistant, which will be important during the winter months when environmental conditions can be harsh.

Polycarbonate Conservatories

The main draw of polycarbonate conservatory roofs is their price, being cheaper than a glass roof. They are much more affordable than glass roofs and so may be a better choice if you are working on a strict budget.


Although they lack the natural insulation benefits of glass roofs, it is now possible to buy solar inserts for polycarbonate roofing, which allow homeowners to enjoy the luxury of a warm, cosy conservatory but without the expense.

Lantern roof conservatories

A statement conservatory which boasts a look of grandeur and elegance, our lantern roof conservatory offers a modern way to create a living space which not only looks stunning, but is also practical.


The ‘wedding cake’ effect which characterises a lantern roof conservatory is achieved through the two-tiers of conservatory roof, constructed on different levels. The two levels are divided by a row of windows, resulting in an attractive finish which looks great in any property.